Atomizer Burnt Taste

Are you experiencing a burnt taste while using your clearomizer? Please see Lifestyle Vapor's tips below to help prevent this burnt taste:

Do not allow your e-liquid to get too low in the atomizer, and NEVER vape a dry clearomizer - it will permanently damage it.

NEVER depress or hold the battery button when not vaping (puffing). This will burn out the atomizer and result in a burnt taste. The puffing action draws liquid into the atomizer and heating unit. Release the button when finished with the draw, and check that the light turns off upon release.

Try taking longer, slower drawers. Excessively frequent pulls on an e-cigarette does not give enough time for liquid to reach the heating element, which leads to a burnt taste.
Give your atomizer time to rest between puffs. Continually heating the atomizer will cause the heating element to get too hot, causing a burnt taste. It may also burn out your atomizer or coil permanently
Naturally, anything that heats will burn out - coils and atomizers are no exception.

For more tips visit our FAQ page: click here